Vlogging: How To Start A Popular Vlogging Channel In Nigeria.

Vlogging: How To Start A Popular Vlogging Channel In Nigeria.

Vlogging is the next big thing in Nigeria, because is now one of
the best way people can be able to express their feelings and passion with
friends and families.
Lots of people are still yet to discover Vlogging in Nigeria, only
few people like Sisiyemmie, Linda Ikeji,
Mark Angel, Crazy Clown, Lifestyle TV
and some other people that have
discover this particular Vlogging.
Today people just want to start a Vlog Channel where they can
share Tutorials with people like me and you. In fact the interesting part of
this is that people are going online these days just to watch videos on YouTube
logs, and if you are so lucky and smart like me, you can create a space there on
Google to fix your Vlog Channel
topics freely without running any sort of adverts on Facebook, Twitter and

That requires hard work and then also keeping to quality and not
quantity, what do I mean by keeping
When I say keeping to quality, mean every video you create should
be problem solving, because most videos that people watch in Nigeria is how To’s videos just like the literal
aspect of this content.
Okay without wasting much time here, let’s quickly look at some of
the questions that people as mostly on the internet regarding to this
particular blog topic.
How To Create A YouTube Video With My Android Or Iphones In
Gone are those days where you have to go out and look for a
videographer that will help you film your videos. With the recent help of
technologies, developers have made it easy for me and you to be able to stay in
our convenient to create any type of videos we want to create.
If it were to be so that means even if you are to create the video
in the mid night, that means you have to go and look for a videographer.
big question here is that
Is it Possible to create a Quality video with my Android and
I love this question, Yes!
it is very possible for you to create a video by yourself using your smart
android phones. You can be able to use your android smart phone to cover an
event anytime anywhere using any of the two methods Selfie Video or Normal Video
you will know the one that suits you best.
Is it Possible to create a Quality video with my Laptop or
computer in Nigeria?
If you are so techwise you will notice that most recent computers,
laptops, palmtops are having this feature of a Youcam on the very top side of
their laptop. That Youcam on your system works with video recording softwares
like the one I use to create most of my YouTube
videos (Youcam).
So if your laptop or system is not having that particular video
feature, if you are not having much money like me, you can go out there into
accessories shops and purchase external Youcam
that can enable you to start filming videos yourself at your convoyed
I want to let you know that with your Laptop, you can be able to create
a professional video so far where you are staying to film yourself is very
bright and free from sounds.
Most people today prefer filming themselves from anywhere than
going out there to hire a videographer that will help them do the job.

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Can I Create a Quality Video Using My Laptop or computer here in
 With the recent help of
technologies, developers have made it easy for me and you to be to easily stay
in our convenient to create any type of videos we want to create at our leisure
You can now create, film yourself professionally using your Palmtop or Laptop. That is one of the
best ways to create a video that is highly defined, at times most of you see videos
that have HD or it, and it simply
means Highly Defined videos.
What are some of the requirements needed to start Vlogging In
Lists Of Requirements Needed To Start Vlogging In Nigeria
Without wasting much of your time, we would be looking at some of
the lists of requirements needed to start Vlogging in Nigeria.
1.     Smart Phone:
Most people that don’t have that much money to buy a very good
laptop or palmtop prefer to use their smart phone to make and film their
videos. A smart phone can be an Android
Iphones like, IPad, IPod.
2.      Laptop or Palmtop:
For those of you who have a personal laptop or a palmtop, then you
are good to go, if you wish and have the money to buy a very good laptop, then
you can go to the market or internet to order from Jumia, Konga, or Jiji at
a very cheap and affordable price.
You can get cheap systems of about N50,000 (Nigerian Currency)
with good features like that of the Youcam, so it’s no big deal, I could
remember when I purchased mine in 2015
at the rate of N70,000 at Wuse
Market here in Abuja Nigeria, I saw
different brands of system like Dell,
at the rate of N50,000,
so you can easily check it out within your vicinity.
3.     Selfie Stick:
I love this selfie stick, it has really helped me a lot from using
only my hand to raise my phone up even if I am not as tall as Usain Bolt the tallest and fastest man
on earth.
With the help of selfie stick you can be able to use it together
with your android phone to film yourself and even events or even with some
group of friends with a good 360 degree
If you notice one of the most popular comedies Vlog Channel in Nigeria, popularly
known as Crazy Clown, I mean that
guy that collect slaps from his father, they usually use a selfie stick with
their android phone to film themselves in their house.
You too can start using it along side with your android phone and
see how lovely it feels to be live and showcase an event.
You can also purchase this selfie stick in the market at a very cheap
price of about N1500 or N2000 (Nigerian Currency) depending on
the size you want to buy.
4.     Video Editing Software:
Definitely after you are done filming yourself or an events, there
are certain places you will like to edit or erase from the video, or add some
laughing effects, or changing the visual mode of your video or may be adding
the name of the person in the video and lots of things to add in order to make
the video lively.
How are all these done?
It is done by simply editing the video you just filmed by any of
the video editing softwares out there on the internet or games shop. There are
lots of video editing softwares out there on the internet, you can use
professional video editing softwares like Adobe
Premier, Wondershare Filmora, Viva Video
like most video loggers use here
in Nigeria.
5.     Youcam:
Before you start editing your video you must have recorded the
video you want to edit using your editing video software. I could remember
telling you earlier on that you have to install software that works along side
with your Youcam feature that follows your laptop or palmtop.
So you need to download your own software on the internet, because
a lot of programmers today are creating different kind of Youcam softwares that
will even better than the old ones that are out.
6.     YouTube Channel:
You must need a platform whereby you can be able to upload your
videos so that if people search for it on the internet, it can quickly show up
on the search engine for users to view.
YouTube is one of the most popular video platforms whereby people
easily go to watch videos, upload videos of their choice to their YouTube
channel and wait for the viewers to come and view them.
So you can now create a YouTube
for your Vlogging business here in Nigeria and start making great
income like Mark
and Sisiyemmie does on a monthly basis.
7.     Website or Blog (Not Necessary):
I have seen most Vloggers
in Nigeria
taken their Vlog online and make it easy for people who want to
know them more, watch their videos, enquire about their advert rates, contact
them and lot more. If I am to suggest to you that want to become a successful Vlogger in Nigeria, I will advise you
to get a blog or website as the name may implies for your Vlog channel. Because
it will give you a high rank on the Google search engine, that aside I have
also seen Vlogs without a website also been popular on the internet especially
here in Nigeria.
So here you have two options whether to take your Vlog channel to
the next level by creating a website for it to store all your videos where
people can easily come and locate you.
But to me, it’s recommended that you get a website for your Vlog
channel here in Nigeria, even if you don’t have much money, don’t forget to
purchase a domain name for your Vlog channel as soon as you get the money like
Linda Ikeji.
You will soon find out the benefits of taken your Vlog channel to
the next level. Let me just blow your mind by giving you some bonus that you
will gain as soon as you take your Vlog channel online.
ü Advertisers will locate you in
order to place adverts on your TV or your Youtube channel.
ü A lot of people would want to pay
you to get their programs featured on your TV.
ü Some organizations would want to
support you in your TV or Vlog Channel.
ü Google Adsense will be paying for
every visitor that watches your videos.
You can now see they are much money here when you take you Vlog
Channel to the next level by getting a website for your Vlog channel attached
with your TV.
here are some of the things you need to know about starting a Vlog channel in
Nigeria. So I want you to make moves fast and start your Vlog channel here in
Lots of people out there are waiting for you to see what you have
to offer to them and what knowledge you want to impact on them using your Vlog
Don’t forget to share with me your Vlog channel YouTube link so that I can view your channel and even
watch your YouTube videos. In case you are having any questions bothering you,
please use the comment box to ask your question and our editors we reply you as
soon as possible.
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