Valerie Morris Naomi Campbell, Real Facts You Never Knew

Valerie Morris Naomi Campbell
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Valerie Morris Naomi Campbell

valerie morris naomi campbell, naomi campbell daughter, valerie morris naomi campbell, naomi campbell age, naomi campbell father, naomi campbell parents, naomi campbell skepta, naomi campbell brother.

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Naomi Campbell Mother

It didn’t come as a big shock to us that really, really good looks run in Naomi Campbell’s family. After all, one isn’t just born Naomi Campbell without some seriously magical genes. But, when we caught a glimpse of Campbell’s mother Valerie Morris, we did a double take. The model’s mom might as well be her twin sister, and we’re convinced that she’s found the fountain of youth. (Maybe she runs into Christie Brinkley while she’s there?)

Take a look at this photo of the two stunners, Campbell, 47, and Morris, on the red carpet at the December 4 Fashion Awards in London, where Campbell presented a tribute to her late friend and mentor, the designer Azzedine Alaïa. For the splashy event, Campbell wore a stunning black gown (Alaïa, of course.) Mom also wore head-to-toe black, jazzed up with a red lip and a glittering snake necklace by Bulgari.

If Morris looks totally at ease posing for the cameras, it’s because she’s made a living out of it. Campbell’s mother is a former model herself, as well as a dancer. And, her Instagram feed alone looks like a high-fashion shoot.

Campbell is quick to call out her mother’s beauty. On the night of the Fashion Awards, the Super posted a sweet tribute: “Mummy … thank you for being by side in this time, you turned 66 yesterday and you look just like my sister. I love you!!!”

Valerie Morris Naomi Campbell

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Naomi Campbell Personal Life

Campbell, who has never met her biological father, regards record producers Quincy Jones and Chris Blackwell as adopted father figures. Former South African president Nelson Mandela referred to Campbell as his “honorary granddaughter”.

She first met Mandela in November 1994, after his party, the African National Congress, invited her to travel to South Africa to meet with their leader.

She had previously donated the proceeds from a photo shoot in Tanzania to the ANC. Over the years, Campbell has lent support to many of Mandela’s political campaigns and humanitarian causes.

In 1993, she became engaged to U2 bassist Adam Clayton. They met in February of that year, after Clayton, when asked in an interview if there was anything in the world he desired but did not have, responded: “A date with Naomi Campbell”. Campbell and Clayton separated the following year.

In 1998, she became engaged to Formula One racing head Flavio Briatore; they were involved in an on-again-off-again relationship until their separation in 2003. Campbell now considers Briatore her “mentor”.

In July 2017, various sources reported that Campbell was now in a relationship with Maltese multimillionaire Louis C. Camilleri.


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