PETER VS PAUL: Who Do You Think Will Succeed Most As A Solo Artiste?


Be it that they had different artistic directions, ego, or a knack
for pulling tantrums that may or may not be of any advantage to their
career, bottom line is, the thing go skrrrrrrrrrra…..papakakaka…..and
Psqaure is finally broken up.

A break up that came with intense panic attacks, exchanges of
unintelligent words and corny posts, but hey, they broke up, I finally
have my blood pressure under control, and, I am just going to lounge by
my imaginary pool with a cocktail in one hand and phone in the other,
while I enjoy every bit of music churned out from their respective ends.

Now, since their unceremonious and unpleasant breakup, both men who
for years, complimented each other’s strength and flaws to create art,
millions around the globe have employed as a means of staying alive and
happy, both have again taken to their safe space [social media], to
announce their solo career plans, and, as expected divided their

This is a group, who did a flawless job at proving their prowess with
music delivery aided by their amazing vocal ability and beautiful
songwriting skill, a skill caked up with revelations that Paul, in fact,
did the most part in writing their songs, revelation Peter in turn,
watered down with his proclamation of being a better singer.

The aftermath of their break up has seen Peter, signing a
distribution deal with American record label, Empire, and performing at
shows in and outside the country, while Paul on his end, has steadily
remained on a lowkey, working hard to create great music [we would like
to believe. [with his so many IG studio photos]

With their decision to going solo catapulting them back to the
‘upcoming’ level in the industry, there is no crystal ball moment needed
to see that they both will have to work maybe not so extra hard to own a
space in the hearts of music lovers in and outside the country, as Mr. P
and Rudeboy.

To all the divided fans out there, who might need will be reading
this, using their past and present works, corny posts, and unintelligent
social media bants, who do you think will be more successful as a solo