Making Money In Nigeria: 6 Easiest Ways To Start Making Money With Your Computer, Laptop, Palmtop In Nigeria

6 Easiest Ways To Start Making Money With Your Computer, Laptop,
Palmtop In Nigeria
Gone are those days whereby people carry their folders, files, CV,
working around the street all in the name of looking for jobs that will be
using and paying them below their worth.
With your laptop, Computer, Palmtop you can make great fortunes
out of the internet and even create jobs for people out there. In fact there
are just more than enough streams of income with your laptop, computer or
Are you a Graduate,
Undergraduate, Post Graduate, Jamb Aspirant, Married Couples
or any class
of person in Nigeria, your statues doesn’t matter as far as you learn the ropes
of the business you can make great fortunes with your Computer, Laptops, and
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I have seen lots of people with their laptops and they keep
telling me that they don’t have job, while their mates are busy somewhere
making cool cash and even creating jobs for other Nigerians.
that amazing?
Most especially in this present state of Nigeria economic
recession or what rubbish that people call it.
Forget that nonsense, just pick your system and go out there and
you will see people that will pay just to do something for them on the internet
and before you know what is happening you are making up to N10,000 every day.
Now let’s assume that you are using your Laptop to generate about N10,000 every day, how much will you be making all together on a
monthly basis. If we are to sum your monthly earnings, you will be making N300,000 every month.  And if you are to sum your Net worth every
year you will be earning N111,00000.
You can see that’s quite huge money, if you are working very hard,
you now the stupid part of this great secrets, even a banker has not made up to
what your monthly earning is in one month.
Without wasting much of your time, I will be showing you how you
can use your Laptop, Computer or Palmtop to make money right here in Nigeria
without much stress.
How To Start Making Money Fast In Nigeria
1.     Typing And Printing
2.     Blogging
3.     Open a game shop
4.     Start a mini Business centre
5.     Videography
6.     Start downloading stuffs
There are basically many ways to
make money with your laptop in Nigeria but because of this tutorial I will be
only writing on the 6 business that can help you to start making money with
your Laptop.

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a Game Shop:
If you are the social type who
understands teenagers of today, you will notice that young people loves playing
games like Pro Evolution Soccer (PES)
and other kind of action games for a token. If you don’t have an idea about how
this particular you can run the business, you can go out there to make enquiry
of to run the business.
When I used to be in High school,
my friends like talking about it in the class and I always overhear them saying
that one game is N50 for one person,
so if two people are playing against themselves it N100 you’ve made. So if 50 people are to play in a day, then my
brother you’ve made N5000 in a day and in 1 month you are hitting N15,000 every month with just your
Laptop and game pad.
a Mini Business Center:
It does not mean that you have to
go and rent shop, you can go around schools, campus, places of work and other
busy places and set your laptop and your table and you will see people student
and job seekers that want to do an online registration.
You can also go out there and meet
café owners and tell them you want to squat by one corner of their shop to also
assist them and whatever two of you bargain, then you happily start and you
will see that you will make it big with just your system and modem.
3.     Start
Downloading Stuffs:
Wow this is another opportunity to
make great fortune with your laptop here in Nigeria. A lot of people out there
don’t have much subscription on their phones to start downloading games,
musics, video and softwares, so you can look into this problem, and provide
solutions for people by staying in a place where people can come to you to give
them about 30 musics and 30 videos at the rate of N50 that’s huge amount of
money bro.
I could remember when I used to be
a small boy in college, when I come back from school I will quickly rush to the
market and meet one guy that does this business to give me about 5 games and
some reigning music like Congaso by 9ice
and Holla at your boy by wizkid and Don’t dull by wizkid and I will give
the guy N500 just for everything and
I will be happy because then my mum bought for me one Nokia C3.
Blogging is a very Lucrative
business here in Nigeria which involves writing on different kinds of trends
like Entertainment, Technology, News,
Fashion, Lifestyles, Sports, Education
and other kind of categories out
there in the world.
When you start blogging and you
are very hard working and consistent you can make money from programs like
Google Adsense, and other kinds of monetization methods.
All you need to do is to learn how
to use platforms like WordPress, Bloggers and other free platforms that allow
people to create a blog and websites, so you can buy a modem, and subscription,
and a domain name for your blog and start.
If you are a very smart
Entrepreneur, you can pick up this great idea by simply learning the ropes of
the business and get all your important equipments like a good smart phones,
Camera, and your laptop, and you watch people who will start calling you to
cover their events like weddings, naming ceremonies, graduation, parties,
birthday, or song shooting and lots of jobs there.
So if you are very smart Nigerian
entrepreneur, you can quickly grab this idea and start using it to make your
great fortune.
and Printing:
A lot of write ups and print outs
are made on a daily basis, offices, schools, colleges, public places are
looking out there to hire typists are looking for people like you who can help
them handle their jobs like typing letters, so you can easily go out there and
market yourself and before you know what is happening you are hitting cool cash
every day.
I have listed some of the business
you can use your laptop, computer or palmtop to do and make lots of money on a
daily basis without much stress and battle.
But there is just one thing you
need to drop first before you can make it great from any of the above 5 ways I
have listed for you to use your laptop to make money.
If you can drop pride, self
praise, anger, and lots of them, my brother then this tutorial will work out
for you even faster.
Know how to relate with even with
angry types, because definitely when you start any of this business you will
meet people with different kinds of stereotypes that are very annoying.
I had to drop some of these bad
characters and really God helped me where I work at the business center.
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