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If you are a smart, persuasive and creative writer who has interest in entrepreneurship, internet marketing, financial intelligence(money matters), wealth creation, blogging, affiliate marketing, motivational talk or educational and informative stuff, Lifestylenaija is the single best place to showcase this talent and skill.

No experience necessary. In fact, you don’t have to be an expert, you just have to be good.

This is a lifetime opportunity to get all the EXPOSURE you’ve always wanted without having to worry about building a blog/website, coding, web-hosting, domain name purchase all the online jargon. All you need do is be passionate about your topic, research it and write about it.

Topics we Accept
Internet/online marketing
Financial Intelligence(money matter)
Motivational talk
Wealth creation
Investment tips
Online business
Health Tips
Digital Marketing

NOTE: Your article must be; Interactive, Original, Informative, a little bit personal(not too serious or formal), And or educational. Let it be something an average Nigerian can read and understand

Topics we DO NOT Accept

Adult Content
Anything Sexually suggestive
Relationship/Romantic Stuff
Dirty jokes about a person, organization, race, community, state or country.
Celebrity gossip/News
Political Jargons
Anything that is not useful to our visitor or an average Nigerian.
Guidelines To Submit a Guest Post
DO contact me first to pitch your guest post idea and if I like your topic I’ll send you an email ASAP.
Plagiarized contents will not be accepted
Your aticle must be at least 1,000 words and above. Nothing below it will be accepted.
You must submit your article as an attachment in your email in word document
All images must come as an attachment and NOT in the article
Don’t worry about featured image. I do create it myself.
I have 100% right to the article. It must not be published elsewhere.
Include your bio in the article.
Don’t link to any affiliate website in your article.
I have the right to edit your article to fit my audience, though your original voice will be maintained.
You must share the article with your community once it is published.
I have the right to reject or accept your article. No question


For now we DO NOT PAY our writers because Lifestylenaija is in its critical and growing phase but there will definitely be a reward for consistent contributors/writers. Your only consolation Prize is the exposure you get and the chance for your article to be read by millions of people.

Send your articles to Info@Lifestylenaija (.) com (.) Ng or use the contact form below: