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Welcome to the Official About Page of Lifestylenaija Blog, it is a blog targeted to Young, Average, Teenagers, Entrepreneurs, And the Mass at large.

Lifestylenaija Blog, is based in Australia Capital and has a subsidiary in Abuja, Nigeria. 

With a dedicated team of experienced journalists and editors in our newsroom, plus strong alliances with some of the biggest news agency in and outside Nigeria, we cover Australia, Nigeria, Africa, and indeed the world like no other.

All our contents are verified and published on the sound judgment of our seasoned editors.

We are of the view that the media can positively or negatively influence people’s individual and collective decision-making processes, with massive multiplier effect on the society. We have, therefore, chosen to help build our society. Our conscience can’t be bought.

Editorial team

David Chisomeje – Publisher

Judith Chisomeje – Editor.

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Mail: Info@Lifestylenaija.Com.Ng