Ladies, Here’s How To Rock High Slits In A Classy Way


One of the sexiest parts of a woman is her legs. 

The best thing about slits is how they accentuate your legs. It’s easy to wear slits and look ratchet though, so we created a guide to wearing slits. Here are different style ideas for you to try out. Happy slaying!

Wear a maxi dress

Or a pencil skirt

Define your waistline

Have fun with a little slit in a mini skirt for that edgy look

Choose lightweight material with lovely patterns for a high slit maxi skirt/ gown

Who says high slits can’t be elegant? Put a slit in your evening gown

Pick an intriguing neckline

Put some slits in your African print dress for that ‘Wow’ look

Midi skirts with a slit look lit too!

Embellish it!

Slits look great in bodycon dresses as well

Pair with an off-shoulder top

Accentuate your curves

You can wear a high slit sheer dress, just make sure you wear a body suit underneath

Slit trousers will give you that boss lady look

Monochrome is always great

If you really want to show skin, you can pair with a crop top