How to avoid coronavirus contagion symptoms


Coronavirus, how not to waste health, time and money.

10 things to know

There is no drug-based prevention. Better to wash your hands well and often. Even the mask is almost always useless. Leave cats and dogs alone: ​​they are immune to the virus



And considering the editorial line of our site, the answers you will find here, are just for this: to calibrate one’s lifestyles for an important change even if, let’s hope, it is transitory. Avoiding so much waste. Of health, of time, of money. Of psycho-physical balance. And knowing that, as usual, every waste corresponds to enormous damage, but also some advantages for individual people.


Think, for example, of the lucrative speculation with which the prices of materials such as masks and amuchina have flown. Almost always to no avail, as you will see in our 10 simple and essential tips to tackle coronavirus seriously and without obsessions. 


The mechanism of contagion. The first thing to know, and it is not difficult, to avoid unnecessary waste and panic is the mechanism of contagion of Covid-19. It occurs between person and person through a very close contact, within two meters of distance, passing through the upper respiratory tract. Nose and mouth. In practice, through droplets exhaled with the breath or expelled with coughing or sneezing by those who are sick. What to do? Start with the simplest gesture: cover your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing. Avoid very crowded places if you don’t need to. Keep a safe distance, at least two meters, from those who have a flu and in particular from people suffering from acute respiratory infections. 


Incubation times. Be aware that from the contagion to the appearance of the first symptoms, a few days pass: from 3 to 12. On average the days for incubation are 6, but also in this case, the power of the virus and the conditions of the immune system can be determined of the infected. People with respiratory, heart and kidney problems are at greater risk. And first of all diabetics.


The real symptoms. If there were specific symptoms for coronavirus, everything would be easier and errors of any kind would be avoided. On the other hand, Covid-19 presents itself with the characteristics of a normal influence, in 80% of cases even quite mild: from coughs to colds, from fever to gastrointestinal disorders (rare), from exhaustion to muscle pain. Up to, in severe cases, drifting pneumonia (15 percent of cases). Compared to the symptoms, there are two things to avoid: do-it-yourself tests and a visit to the emergency room (where you only risk feeding chaos and perhaps infecting other people). Rationally and calmly, when faced with doubts, just consult with your general practitioner, and he will then direct you, if necessary, to the always active numbers, 112 and 1,500.


The waste of drugs. There is no way to avoid infection through preventive medication. Therefore, antivirals and antibiotics are of absolutely no use, even for the simple fact that they affect bacteria, not the virus. The flu vaccine has no use against coronaviruses: they are very different viruses. So, the only way to prevent infection is to stay away from possible sources of infection, and we have seen it, and to be particularly scrupulous with personal hygiene.

Useful precautions. Even with respect to personal hygiene it is good not to become obsessive, with the risk of paranoid and completely counterproductive behaviors. Very fragile as reassurances. Instead, just wash your hands often and thoroughly . It often means, for example, after taking public transportation or leaving the house to run errands. Well, at least twenty seconds with soap and water. Another useful prevention, in terms of personal hygiene, is not to touch your eyes, nose and mouth, except when your hands are definitely clean.

Domestic environments. Here too: do not spend unnecessary money to disinfect the house as if a new leprosy has arrived. These are senseless expenses. Just simply clean the surfaces of your home regularly and more frequently than usual. Like? Chlorine, amuchin alcohol. The killers of microbes.


Leave cats and dogs alone. Do not disturb or neglect your domestic companions for fear of infection. I’m out of any risk. They do not spread coronavirus and do not get sick from this type of infection. Nothing changes for them.


The truth of the mask. The race for masks, with a nice speculation attached, is the paradigm what can produce the spiral of bad information, combined with collective psychosis and fears that have no basis. Like the scenographic but equally evanescent solutions. The mask is useful only for the two cases. When you suspect you are sick or when you assist a person who has contracted the infection, and it is not said that in both cases it works one hundred percent. In practice: with the mask, who is sick can avoid infecting others, but must know that he is wearing something only partially effective to protect himself.


The correct numbers on the lethality of the virus. The coronavirus arrives, in sequence, following other viruses such as sars, swine, avian, ebola. In practice, every three to four years we have to deal with a global outbreak of infection. Scientists are quite unanimous in believing that this frequency, certainly not sporadic, is the poisoned fruit of profound changes that have occurred in the ecosystem. This is why we have become more fragile to viruses that occur in different species. But not for this we can invent a mortality that does not exist. The lethality of the coronavirus is around 2.5 per cent, and mainly concerns elderly people with significant health problems. Of course: some young people, in good health, also died. But if you go to look closely,


The fear virus. Next to the coronavirus, there is another contagion that can do enormous damage. It is collective psychosis, the darkness of reason, the irrationality of behaviors that feed each other and only lead to the panic of entire communities. What to do? Simple and clear answer: lead your life in a normal way , obviously following, without whims and braggart, the provisions of the health authorities and beyond. We must consider ourselves in good hands. We must imagine that, in the face of a single, tiny virus, there are many human energies on the field, an army of brave men and women who will help us win the game. Fear is instead the premise of a possible defeat.




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