Here’s Why You Should Consider A Wedding Website – Exclusive


Here’s Why You Should Consider A Wedding Website.

Websites are usually built for information and to entertain. A wedding website is the same, except that the information revolves around the couple and their relationship. Having a wedding website might seem fancy and unnecessary, but we can tell you that it could make the difference for a stressless wedding planning process.

Here’s why you should consider a wedding website:

Wedding information

wedding website

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The venue, time and other wedding information can be easily accessed on the website. It can also double as your wedding registry, where guests can come and know what exactly you want as wedding gifts and maybe even shop for them from designated stores.

You can tell your love story

wedding website

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Who doesn’t love a good love story? Your website can be filled with funny anecdotes from your childhood and relationship, how you met, the proposal story and even the wedding journey.

Picture gallery

wedding website

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People will love to see photos of you two from your time together, documenting your journey from friendship to marriage. Wedding pictures can also be conveniently uploaded to the site after they’re released. It keeps things streamlined and tidy.

RSVP purposes

wedding website

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Guests can RSVP on your page and be automatically added to the guest list so that you don’t have to deal with the details directly.

Family website

wedding website

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Your wedding website can easily turn into the website where your friends and family can keep up with your family no matter where you are in the world. First child, promotions, baby pictures and videos and whatever you want your relatives to know can be uploaded for a fun family website. Even if you don’t fancy updating the website, it can become part of your family records.

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You won’t have to answer one single phone call; everything is on the website!

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