Food: Why Every Nigerian Must Eat Vegetable Twice In A Week

Why do you need to Eat Vegetable at least Twice In A Week
After several sickness and weakness I faced last two months, I was
opportune to discover this secret, so I decided to share it with every
Nigerians reading this post and I suggest you should share it with all your
friends and loved ones after you reading this article.

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Most Nigerians segregate some of this important class of food,
minerals and vegetable, that is why they can’t discover what is wrong with
their body system.
At times you will start feeling all sought of pains on your body,
or maybe you will begin to notice loss of blood in your body, lack of vitamins
and you know strength.
The problem here is that you don’t take vegetables or your foods
don’t even contain vegetables at all.
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Last two months, I visited Ogun
here in Nigeria for a
program, and really that was my first time in the western parts of Nigeria, so
I mingled with lots of Yoruba ladies and i saw how they lived and cook their
foods, and to my surprising for a good full month they don’t take vegetable at

What on earth is this, you don’t take vegetable even once in a month,
if you are not taking vegetable at all, you are putting yourself in danger
which might or will soon result to break down of the body.
Reasons Why You Must Eat Vegetable At Least Twice In A Week
Without wasting much of your time, let’s see five reasons why you
should take vegetables in your food.
It supplies blood to the body.
It helps to repairs worn out tissues in the body.
It helps provide many sources of nutrients to the body including
potassium, fiber, and folate.
It’s a very good source of iron to the body.
It’s good for pregnant women.
It helps you look younger.
It acts as antioxidants to the body.
It helps maintaining body weights.
It helps in developing stronger bones.
It enhances good eye sights.
It’s a rich source of folate.
It provides magnesium to the body.
It keeps you hydrated.
These are some of the reasons why you should eat vegetables at
least twice in a week as a Nigerian or if possible you should try to eat it
every day since you can see its good benefits.
So it’s up to you to make good use of this tutorial from today,
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