Blogging: How To Start A Successful Lifestyle Blog In Nigeria.

This niche is one of the niche that is still yet to tapped by
bloggers in Nigeria when it comes to choosing a money making niche. It’s only
few bloggers about five of them that have started this particular niche.
Lifestyle blogs like Sisiyemmie,
Bellanaija, Demmies Diary, Lifestyle Nigeria and naijasinglegirl
are the
one that have taken over the Lifestyle niche in Nigeria.
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This niche is a very interesting like that of the Entertainment
blogging niche so if you have passion for lifestyle,
events, nature, musics
and lots more then you can buy the idea of starting
a successful money making lifestyle blog here in Nigeria.
It is very good niche in Nigeria, if you venture into this niche,
you will find blogging very easy, because you just have to go out there, meet
people get facts, make up some video with them upload on YouTube and upload
articles on your blog.
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you’ve just taken the right decision by venturing into the lifestyle blogging
niche. Like I said earlier on this is one of the untapped blogging niches here
in Nigeria. So there is still an
opportunity for someone to become the next Linda
in that niche.
Okay let’s see how you can easily create a Lifestyle blog easily
here in Nigeria with bloggers. 


Platforms You Can Use To Create A Successful Lifestyle Blog In
There are mainly two platforms where you can build or create a
blog in Nigeria, and they are as follows:
ü WordPress
ü Bloggers
These are the most popular platforms for creating any kind of blog
in the world, a lot of big blogs in Nigeria where created using platforms like WordPress and Bloggers. Very good
examples of blog that are created using Bloggers Is that of Lifestyle Nigeria, Ogbongeblog, Sisiyemi
Blog, Linda Ikejis blog, Dialoaded, Notjustech
and lots of blogs like that
here in Nigeria, so you too can consider starting your food blog.
I will briefly through more lights on the two platforms you can
use to easily create any kind of blogs in Nigeria, so that you can be able to
know what platform to build your new blog on.

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Pros and Cons You should know before choosing WordPress as the
platforms you want build your blog on.
ü WordPress:
WordPress is very easy to use if you want to create a blog, in
fact I can say that it’s done just with few installs and before you know your
blog is up and running.
You don’t need to learn Html or coding before starting a WordPress
You don’t need to start coding your blog theme or templates
You don’t even need to go to a programming school
It’s very easy to start in 5 minutes.
You need to pay for your blog hosting every year while you are
renewing your blog domain name.
It requires lots of money to start a blog on WordPress. Because
you will to take care of things like Hosting and Domain name.
You have to buy Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Plugins so as to have a very high presence on the Google search engine.
In most cases you will need to buy your Themes (Not necessary) there are lots of free
themes out there.
ü Bloggers:
This is one of the easiest platforms to build your blog and enjoy
the benefits and features freely given by Google to people who are making use
of their platform.
You don’t need too much money to start a blog on Bloggers
You can get a very cheap domain name from Web4africa or Domainking.
Templates for bloggers are free on the internet
engine optimization (SEO)
is free from Google, so you don’t
have to buy it unlike that of WordPress where you have to buy.
Hosting is free on Blogger, so you don’t have to pay for hosting
to any company.
You can easily use the Google Analytics.
You can easily signup for Google Adsense and actually check your
earnings from your Bloggers Dashboard.
You have to have a little idea about Html, because you will
definitely need it when it comes to making changes to your Bloggers template,
so you must have to learn it, If you are smart like me, then you can easily
learn it on YouTube or on blogs like this.
These are some of the things you
need to know before choosing a platform to build your blog on.


How To Create A Lifestyle Blog In Nigeria Using the Bloggers
Like I said earlier on, creating a blog on bloggers is very
simple; in fact in 5 minutes you’ve created your blog on the bloggers’
Steps To Creating A Lifestyle Blog On The Bloggers Platforms In
Create a Google account with your Country location e.g. Nigeria or Ghana depending on where you
reside. So after creating your Google account and filling all the necessary
details involved.
Open your newly created Google account, by the top right corner of
your Gmail you will see a small four square box, then you click on it, after
clicking on it you will see the lists of products offered by Google.
At first you will not see the product called bloggers, here don t
be afraid, just click on the option below called “More” and you will see the other options, there you will also see “Blogger”.
Now click on the Bloggers icon
Here you must have been redirected to the bloggers website, so now
you will see bloggers website with stuffs like Share your passion, Make money
from Google Adsense and then create a blog.
Now click on the option “Create
a Blog”
and you will be taken to where you will create your blog.
Follow the necessary steps like choosing a blog domain name,
selecting a template that suite your blog if you don’t like the templates
offered by Bloggers, then you can easily download beautiful ones from the
With all these steps you can be able to create a professional Lifestyle
blog here in Nigeria and actually become a very successful blogger like Sisi Yemmie.
Avoid procrastinations, take actions and follow this tutorial in
order to start up your dream Lifestyle blog, grab your laptop or your phone to
start creating your blog straight away and before the next 5 minutes you are
done with your blog and then you can start customizing your blog to your taste.


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After you are done creating and designing your Lifestyle blog,
please I can wait to see your new Lifestyle blog, don’t forget to send to me
the link to your Lifestyle blog and I will help you to review the blog.
If you are having any question in the course reading this
tutorial, please don’t hesitate to use the comment box below to send me your
questions and I will do all my possible best to reply all your questions.
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