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Naira Marley Case: Don’t Talk While Eating – You Won’t Believe This.



When you look through the name ‘Azeez Fashola’, which is the genuine name of artist Naira Marley, you would discover numerous connections between the vocalist and web misrepresentation. That by itself is a warning. What’s more, on the off chance that it doesn’t raise the smallest piece of alert in you, well… .it should!

As I compose this, Naira Marley is squatted with the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Nigeria’s guard dog for all violations identified with web extortion. He is in guardianship since he was captured at his home amid an attack a week ago. He was gotten close by his associate, Zlatan Ibile, who has been given up on “managerial safeguard.” Naira, be that as it may, is bolted up and would be charged to court.

“There is overpowering proof against Naira Marley; so we can’t bear to discharge him on authoritative safeguard like Zlatan and the three others,” says EFCC Spokesman, Tony Orilade. “That Zlatan has been discharged does not mean they have been released and cleared. Naira Marley is still in our care and will be charged to court soon and we will make the charges known in an official proclamation soon,” he said.

Marley’s group, then again, denies this allegation. In a counter-explanation discharged, his administration concedes that implicating proof was found on a ‘thing’ seized from the vocalist, yet the device does not have a place with Marley. “Things recovered were acquired so he can transfer music, recordings and record while visiting Nigeria,” the announcement says.

Be that as it may, that isn’t sufficient to get Naira Marley out. Word in the city says the EFCC has discovered the ideal substitute to use as the characterizing body of evidence in their battle against web extortion, which has become famous in Nigeria in the course of recent years and appreciates an unfortunate dimension of compassion from Nigeria’s abounding youth populace. As indicated by them, Nigeria isn’t giving work to her youngsters, so web wrongdoing allows the general population to get a move on. This view has turned out to be incredibly uncontrolled, with proof appeared open spaces amid any discussion about it.

Naira Marley’s inconveniences are self-delivered. He bounced on an exhortation by Simi against web extortion to legitimize it and viably make himself the blurb kid of wrongdoing. Struggled veteran rapper, Ruggedman, who attempted to talk shrewdness against his criminal evangelism, was taunted as a “down-going” craftsman. Swelled by help from remark areas and big names in a roundabout way egging him on, he teamed up with Zlatan Ibile to discharge a melody titled, ‘Am I a Yahoo kid.’

Naira Marley was carrying on with an extraordinary life before this. His single “Issa Goal,” was the soundtrack for Nigeria’s endeavors at the 2018 World Cup. Coca Cola authorized the record and made a remix which strangely includes Simi. He’s additionally caught up with a few singles and joint effort. Generally, he was enjoying himself, partying hard, and eating his rice. He ought to have quite recently kept on staying there and eat his rice.

That wasn’t to be. Naira Marley currently faces a long fight to remove himself from the wrongdoing. He has been strutted as a criminal, and his name put wherever as a craftsman attached to an intolerable wrongdoing. In the event that he in the end leaves this, the end result for his vocation openings? Would we say his prospects for corporate coordinated efforts, brand sponsorships, and exhibitions will currently be constrained, in the event that they don’t altogether boycott him.

He ought to have recently stayed there and eaten his rice. A great deal of Nigerians who have revolted against Naira Marley aren’t infuriated against Yahoo. They resent Naira Marley for being boisterous. Hurray is a wrongdoing, paying little heed to what number of sympathizers it gets. It is a criminal offense which has a great many exploited people both at home and abroad. Supporting it freely when you have connections to it is self-damage. You are setting an objective on your back. EFCC is obviously certain about what they have against him and are hoping to make a case of him.

What’s the ethical exercise to be learned here? A basic one will be to watch incredible social graces; don’t talk while eating. Sustenance scraps draw in consideration; no one needs thoughtfulness regarding the nourishment coming in their mouth, regardless of whether lawful or unlawful.

For Marley, nobody knows how much his psychological activities right presently will be led by second thoughts. What could have been? For what reason didn’t he simply look the other way and proceeded on his way to progress? For what reason isn’t the amusement simply the diversion this time? Lastly, he would need to address the inquiry that he is so pleased to use as a peg for his craft:

“Am I a Yahoo kid?”

David Chisomeje Is A Graduate From The National Open University Nigeria, He Holds His BSc In International Relations, He Is Also A Political Analyst, Social Media Enthusiast And Anchor On Lifestylenaija TV.