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Actor IK Ogbonna Sues Girl Who Called Him ‘Gay’ And Ordered Him to ‘Come Out Of The Closet’.



Nollywood actor and model IK Ogbonna has served an instagram user known as Bold Pink who publicly dragged him and accused him of being a gay man.

IK whose marriage has gone down the drain according to his estranged wife had been insulted by the IG user who pointedly told him to stop pretending and come out of the closet.

The actor who didn’t respond to the call out for three days has finally responded and it is with a summon served by his Barristers.

The lady has been ordered to do a retraction and tender an unreserved apology or face the consequences in seven days.

Patricia Yawson is a journalism graduate from the Lagos State University, School of Communication. She is a writer with special interest in technology, sports, entertainment and politics. she is also a true and true Korean Movie Fan.