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BBNaija 2019

BBNaija 2019 Audition Turns Wide As Ladies Breast Were Fondled And Ass Smashed Hard



BBNaija 2019 Audition Turns Wide As Ladies Breast Were Fondled And Ass Smashed Hard.


And it took a different dimension in the axis of ” Aromire ,Ikeja” as youths from all walks of life came to be auditioned for the prestigious reality tv show,none other than “Big Brother Nigeria “(BBN)

For late crawlers that got to the venue at 7 and 7:30 dot met a great overflow which caused severe roadblocks ,traffics and uncalled loiterings .

For the slay mama’s and queens that took an ample time to bobyrisk there face ,had no choice than to sweat it all out .

The stampede was severe ,real and breath taking that most fainted ,called for help and were most left in dire states of rough handlings,fondling of the breaths and buttocks.

The fall of most citizens of the country wasn’t a laughable one as pants ,bras wigs and pants trousers were torn,flinged away and most fondled all in a bid to grab a firm hand on any object reachable in other not to fall “yakata “because once fallen,you’d be stampede leaving you like mashed beans afterwards.

This is just part one of my story ,more are unfolding ,battery is low and phone is acting up ,in case you couldn’t see more stories ,know that my phone had “kpafuka ”

We wished to die there .

Picture taken when I scaled through and was on the fence ,almost stabbed by a fierce guy who finally stabbed a guy with scissors.

Yes,scissors,yes stabbed (you heard that right )?

Together We Soar Higher !

If you came ,comment and share with us how yours went

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David Chisomeje Is A Graduate From The National Open University Nigeria, He Holds His BSc In International Relations, He Is Also A Political Analyst, Social Media Enthusiast And Anchor On Lifestylenaija TV.