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Yeloto African Children Foundation will be visiting Orphanages in Ghana | December 11th-14th



The Yeloto African Children Foundation will be visiting Ghana from Tuesday, December 11th to Friday, December 14th, 2018. Yeloto seeks to positively impact the lives of impoverished children through the provision of basic necessities and education.

Date: Tuesday, December 11th to Friday, December 14th, 2018
Venue: 3rd Lafa street, Awoshie, Accra-North, Ghana

According to the founder, Dr. Oluyemi Olawaiye emphasizing the recent activities of the organization, he stated that “We sponsor children’s parties annually for kids residing in orphanages. Last year we held an event in partnership with a company based in South Africa that makes hearing aid devices for deaf children. We were able to procure 2 brilliant children of West Rand School in Guateng, Johannesburg hearing aid devices they desperately needed, thereby giving these children a new lease on life.

In addition to social events, we also provide monetary scholarships to assist indigent children, homeless or otherwise, in elementary and high school. We also pay for the full cost of surgeries for children whose parents are not able to meet these costs annually. Yeloto directly works with the Chief Medical Director of Lagos State Teaching Hospital.”

On the goal for this year, December 2018, he pointed out that “One of the ongoing goals of Yeloto Inc. is to find children annually who may have slipped through the proverbial healthcare cracks in African hospitals. This year we are in Ghana, our goal based on our budget and funds available is to partner with a hospital with children whose parents for whatever reason are not able to afford the cost of the child’s healthcare treatment. This is where we come in and alleviate such burden from the family and cover the total cost of the lucky child or children and post-operation medication cost as well.

We have also identified Enough Grace Foundation (An Orphanage) located in Accra-North at 3rd Lafa street, Awoshie- Accra, Ghana as our target orphanage for 2018. We will visit them with gifts and financial assistance.” Yeloto was created in 2011 by Dr. Oluyemi Olawaiye, Pharm. D., with the support of his wife Dr. Regine Bruny-Olawaiye, MD/MBA. Yeloto seeks to positively impact the lives of impoverished children through the provision of basic necessities and education.
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