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Top 5 Things To Know About Business In Dubai



Nigerians do not visit Dubai only for tourism purpose, they also visit
this exquisite Middle East city for business reasons. Despite being very much a
21st-century city, Dubai has its own customs, traditions, and methods of doing
business. It is therefore essential to understand and adapt to the local
customs of the city. 
To help you get the most out of your business trip to Dubai, Jumia
Travel shares a few tips to ensure your trip is a success from the moment you
Top 5 Things To Know About Business In Dubai  2018
Avoid doing business on a Friday
Dubai is a Muslim Emirate, which means Fridays are
a day of prayer and rest. However, you will find it’s business as normal on a
Sunday. So avoid booking meetings or trying to do business on a Friday.
Familiarise yourself with the language
If you want to make a good first impression, learn
a few Arabic phrases such as the basic greeting “Salam Alaikum”, which means
‘peace be upon you’. English is the standard business language in Dubai, but it
is polite to try to learn a little of your host’s language.
Be prepared to shift business meetings if you visit
during Ramadan
Ramadan is a hugely important part of life in Dubai
and as the fasting month, its influence can be felt right through the business
community, as well as everyday life in the city. Business does not come to a
complete stop during this period, but be prepared to shift business meetings to
suitable timings and expect business dinners to take place after dusk which is
the time Muslims break their fast.
Greeting your hosts
Dubai business etiquette is quite formal, so you
should shake hands with your hosts or place your right hand over your heart
when greeting women. Handshakes are standard between men, but wait until a hand
is offered.
Businesses don’t close on Christian holidays
Despite being able to accommodate different people
and religions, don’t expect businesses to close for Christian holidays, such as
Christmas and Easter. This is because of the Islamic background of Dubai. But
this does not prevent you from celebrating these holidays.

David Chisomeje Is A Graduate From The National Open University Nigeria, He Holds His BSc In International Relations, He Is Also A Political Analyst, Social Media Enthusiast And Anchor On Lifestylenaija TV.